best auto repair tips


Hot Auto Repair Tips You Should Know

You’ve got a car, you’ve got a problem! How to avoid highway robbery! According to a recent survey, by consumer reports, the two reasons were dissatisfied with most repair shops is either the prices are too high or the repairs aren’t done right the first time. Do you want to find the right shop for you? Let me give you some tips to steer you in the right direction.

1) The first tip, when your car is on the side of the road is no time to start the search. Do it before you need it. Then you could take your time. Where do you start? You can try sources like Angie’s list, but the best source is referrals, especially for friend or coworker has a similar car.

Don’t know anyone? Here’s a trick I’ve used.

Tip two, go to the classifieds. Find someone selling a car like yours and ask them if they’ve got a mechanic that they like.

That’s how I found mechanics for my classic Mercedes over the last 25 years I moved around the country.

3) Tip three, check them out. Look for online reviews. Check your local better business bureau. AAA also maintains a list of nearly 8,000 approved shops and no, you don’t have to be a member to use it.

4) And Tip 4! Look for an ASE Certification. ASE stands for automotive service excellence, and maintaining the certification means taking extra classes and your final tip.

5) Specialized equipment. You know, today’s cars are really nothing more than computers on wheels, so you really need to make sure the shop you’re going to has the right equipment to diagnose your car.